Wood Leisure Holiday Park Customer Feedback Surveys

Wood Leisure is a family run business operating five holiday parks across Scotland:
  • Balgair Castle Holiday Park
  • Blairgowrie Holiday Park
  • Corriefodly Holiday Park
  • Deeside Holiday Park
  • Lomond Woods Holiday Park.
The Tourism Consumer Insights team was commissioned to undertake a detailed market research study of Wood Leisure’s customers across their portfolio of sites and accommodation products. The study was designed to assist the business in developing their sales and marketing activities.
A series of online surveys were designed and delivered which captured a wealth of insights on their customers. Detailed analysis was then undertaken and following a forensic review of the information, the Tourism Consumer Insights team undertook a debrief presentation to the Senior Management Team in which key insights and recommendations from the market research were outlined.
Sarah Wood, Director, Wood Leisure said: “Wood Leisure commissioned STR Tourism Consumer Insights to undertake a detailed study of our customers as part of a sales and marketing strategy review. We were thoroughly satisfied with the market research services provided by the Tourism Consumer Insights team. Their industry knowledge and attention to detail in developing the questionnaires was particularly valuable, as was their ability to communicate clear and actionable findings from the research. The insights they provided have been instrumental in driving decision making for growing the business.”
Holiday Park Visitor Survey