Cairngorms National Park Business Confidence Surveys

Since 2009, the STR Tourism Consumer Insights team (formerly LJ Research) has successfully been undertaking a quarterly business survey on behalf of the Cairngorms Business Partnership (CBP) to collect and disseminate business performance information to key stakeholders across the Cairngorms National Park area, as well as the participating businesses themselves.
The methodology for this longitudinal study is a bespoke online survey. Each quarter identical surveys are created for the five sub-areas of the National Park to allow for benchmarking across areas and the inclusion of specific questions relating to specific areas.
Utilising a database of email addresses of tourism businesses from across the Park area, The Tourism Consumer Insights team distributes the survey and invites participant businesses to respond each quarter. With this comes the challenge of sample maintenance. Our approach to maximise samples since 2009 has required continual consideration, adaption and resource.
Analysis of the data is undertaken to investigate and report on the key findings each quarter, as well as significant trends emerging across multiple time periods. A concise written report is produced containing a mix of text and graphical representations of the data.
Feedback from the client has been very positive and insight from the research has been used for multiple purposes since 2009. Recently, the identification from the research of soaring supplier costs in the region prompted the launch of a new benefit for CBP members so as to reduce the negative impact of increasing supplier costs across the Cairngorms National Park area.
Our reports are available here – (see Business Barometer).
Cairngorms Business Confidence Survey