National Trust for Scotland Visitor Research

The Tourism Consumer Insights team has been commissioned by the National Trust for Scotland to carry out research amongst visitors. In conducting this research we ask members of the NTS team to collect email addresses of visitors so we can invite them to take part in the study.
Please find below answers to some common questions respondents (i.e. visitors) ask regarding our online research.
Why do you need my email address?
The NTS team are collecting visitor email addresses so that the Tourism Consumer Insights team, an Edinburgh-based market research team of STR, the leading provider of data benchmarking and analytics for the global hospitality industry, can independently invite them to take part in an online questionnaire.
Are my email and other personal data secured?
Yes, absolutely. The Tourism Consumer Insights team does take very seriously its responsibilities for the security and confidentiality of the information supplied to us by those who take part in the research we carry out. We take every care to ensure that we comply with our legal, regulatory and ethical obligations, including The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.
If I participate in the survey, is the data tied to me personally?
Your responses will be combined with many other responses before they are analysed and reported on. So therefore: Your responses are anonymous and non-attributable.
What if I change my mind?
If you don’t want to take part in the survey anymore you can opt out at any point. You will be sent 2 reminder emails but if you do not wish to receive any reminders, you can let us know through the links that come with the invitation to the survey.
How does market research work?
Businesses and public bodies commission market research to get a reliable picture of the people who make up their ‘market’. Market research firms like STR do the job on a scientific basis: we survey a representative cross-section of NTS visitors so as to get the views of people in different age groups, occupations, etc.
Who benefits from the research?
Both clients and consumers gain from our work. The National Trust for Scotland who commissions research learns about their ‘market’ so that they can offer what visitors need and want. The people who make up the ‘market’ get products or services that are better designed to meet their wishes.
Our responsibilities, your rights
To make sure we interview a proper cross-section, we will ask you about your job, your gender and your age group. As stated before, the answers are strictly confidential; The Data Protection Act, 1998, guarantees they will be used only for purposes of the research.