London Visitor Survey

So far this decade nearly 40,000 visitors, mostly from outside of the UK, have told us what they did whilst in London and, crucially, what they thought of aspects of their experience going to attractions, hotels and other visitor touchpoints in the city.

Our ongoing London visitor survey is an omnibus survey completed by dozens of visitors each and every day shortly after they’ve visited the UK capital.

It’s simple to include a question, just get in touch and in no time at all we’ll be telling you what London visitors have to say!

Do you want to know specific market trends amongst London visitors? With tens of thousands of visitor responses we’ve an excellent pool of data to provide you with bespoke research analysis to inform your project and decision making.

We know that information isn’t power any longer; the power of information can only be unlocked through rigorous interpretation and analysis and this is where we come in. Whether it’s cross-analysis, sentiment analysis or time series analysis or indeed any other London tourism related market research requirement: tell us what to find out on your behalf. We will always offer advice and input to develop your ideas too. This means you’ll get the best insights to benefit your bottom line.

Interested in using the London Visitor Survey? Get in touch.

london visitor survey