Our Glasgow Visitor Survey provides ongoing destination intelligence for the dynamic city of Glasgow. The survey enables an understanding of visitors throughout the year and our data facilitates unique insights to assist in tourism development campaigns and strategies.

Since 2006, the survey has captured views from some 20,000 visitors to the city, both domestic and international audiences. Among other aspects, the survey has identified improved perceptions of customer service across the city and the significant expenditure impact of overnight visitors.

The Glasgow Visitor Survey is a critical monitor of the visitor experience in Scotland’s largest city. Outputs from the research enable tourism businesses and organisations to position the destination effectively among target markets in campaigns and allow the tracking of impact in activities.

In recent years, the Tourism Consumer Insights team has worked with creative designers to deliver infographic business insight reports on tourism in Glasgow. These attractive publications provide inward investors and the wider tourism community with succinct overview of the tourism market in Glasgow aimed to inspire continued economic development in tourism in Glasgow.

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