Edinburgh Visitor Survey

For over 10 years, the Tourism Consumer Insights team (formerly LJ Research) has undertaken an ongoing Edinburgh Visitor Survey – Scotland’s most visited destination – and over this time some 20,000 visitors have contributed their views.

Want to know something from Edinburgh visitors? This is an Omnibus survey among current Edinburgh visitors so simply drop us a line and in no time can we’ll start capturing unique insights on this market to inform your next decision.

Respondents over the years have been asked their opinion on a range of aspects from accommodation experiences to attraction visitation.

We’ve also developed a significant bank of intelligence from Edinburgh visitors regarding their journey behaviour and information consumption, including interaction with digital technology.

Currently, we work with Essential Edinburgh to gain insights on perceptions of the city centre Business Improvement District. Our reports allow the BID company to assess ongoing standards in the city centre and enable an assessment to be made on BID activities. Results from the Edinburgh Visitor Survey are published in Essential Trends, the BID’s monthly news bulletin.

Visitor attractions and other tourism businesses can tap into the Edinburgh Visitor Survey to gain insights on their non-visitors. To do so, we would ask recent Edinburgh Visitors why they did not visit Attraction X? (e.g. did not have enough time, never heard of it, not interested in this type of attraction etc.) and about their preconceptions of the attraction (e.g. the type of experience they thought the attraction offers).

Please get in touch to make use of the Edinburgh Visitor Survey for your business.


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