Destination Research

When you think of London, what comes to mind? The Royal Family and Buckingham Palace? A cruise along the Thames perhaps? Or maybe its wealth of cosmopolitan restaurants and bars? Conversely, it may be the hustle and bustle of the city, crammed undergrounds and expensive accommodation?

Getting to the bottom of what makes and, in some cases, breaks a destination is what we do. Our robust destination research provides unique insights for destination marketers to understand and shape perceptions of their cities.

We’ve been undertaking ongoing visitor surveys in a range of destinations, including London, Edinburgh and Glasgow for many years using Visitrac – our online survey engine – and we’d be delighted to provide insights on visitors to your destination.

We’ve developed tried and tested methodologies for capturing ongoing destination insights using online booking systems, databases, CRMs and fieldwork professionals to provide rigorous tourism research to best suit your budget.

Since recently, we have developed various ways for Destination Marketing Organisations and Tourism Boards to easily disseminate findings from destination research using infographic reports or Destination Dashboards.

Call us now and we can talk you through a range of options for undertaking cost-effective and insightful destination research.

destination research