Customer Satisfaction Survey

Conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey quickly and easily using our online survey solutions. Retailers, hoteliers, service providers, visitor attractions and membership organisations all benefit from surveying their customers using our effective and tailored online survey solutions.

Our online surveys are a research tool, not a mechanism to sell! They put you in your customers’ shoes and elicit your strengths and weaknesses. As one online survey client put it, “Our survey gives me the confidence to boast about my product – and it’s great to see where we’ve gone wrong”.

The Tourism Consumer Insights team are experienced designers of customer satisfaction surveys and frequently script online customer satisfaction surveys.

Each customer satisfaction survey is a bespoke study that reflects your organisation’s requirements and information gaps. When commissioning us to conduct a customer satisfaction survey on behalf of your organisation, we will identify the metrics to measure so as to align to the KPIs you have identified for your organisation.

For your customer satisfaction survey, we would suggest a mix of the following metrics:

  • overall satisfaction (emotional; perception metric);
  • loyalty measurement (affective / behavioural; outcome metric);
  • attribute satisfaction measurements (affective / cognitive; perception metric);
  • customer interaction measurements (descriptive metric)
  • intentions to purchase / remain customer (behavioural; outcome metric).

In our view, online surveys are the perfect way to canvas customer feedback; the online environment makes customers frank and honest as they are much more likely to open up when completing surveys online rather than in face-to-face questionnaires.

To discuss your customer satisfaction survey requirements, please get in touch.