Online Surveys

Online surveys are a great way to cost-effectively gather customer feedback. Whether you work for a visitor attraction and intend to offer a visitor survey, or you are a festival manager keen to conduct an audience survey, or a marketer who needs to understand which marketing campaign is most likely to engage your target audience: online surveys are for you!

Visitrac Online Surveys: attractively designed and engaging questionnaires that look and feel like your brand and allow you to view results online. Learn more here.

Customer Feedback Surveys: read more about how we can help you calculate customer satisfaction ratings on every aspect of your product or service. Click here.

Case Study: click here to see how Camera Obscura & World of Illusions are using Visitrac to survey their customers.



Online Surveys vs Face-to-Face Surveys

Our clients frequently ask if we would recommend conducting online surveys or face-to-face surveys: the answer always depends on the precise circumstances of the research project. In general, however, we think that online surveys offer huge benefits over face-to-face surveys. More specifically:

Online surveys are more convenient to complete

Online surveys give respondents greater convenience and flexibility to provide feedback. We find that this flexibility often provides distinct benefits in terms of the quality of data collected; respondents tend to provide detailed and considered answers and are more likely to open up and give a more truthful response.

Online surveys are cost-effective

Face-to-face surveys are usually more expensive due to more manpower that is required during the data-collection process as well as during the data digitalisation stage. Online surveys are a greener option, too, considering that questionnaires are not printed on paper


Online Surveys