In the past decade or so, information and intelligence has gone from being scarce to superabundant; be it Big Data gleaned from your own systems or from the web or official statistics from the Office of National Statistics, OECD, Eurostats, UNWTO, Visit Britain, Visit Scotland or other sources. The problem often is not a lack of information, but making sense of existing market data.

Our Tourism Consumer Insights team is used to working with datasets and market research findings other organisations have gathered. In our various tourism research projects, for example, we often work with data from the International Passenger Survey (IPS) or the Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) to identify if our clients’ customer trends correspond with what is observed on a national level. Understanding the context of the market can in some cases be as relevant as evaluating your own business performance, so it is important to consider trends in the wider market place.

When conducting market appraisal studies, we regularly work with national or international statistics to estimate demand from different customer segments. Similarly, we often look into results from qualitative research projects other organisations have conducted to better understand customer profiles and trends to inform the work that we undertake.

If you wish to make use of our secondary research skills, please get in touch.