Quantitative Research

LJ Research has been conducting quantitative market research since 1998.

We manage a high number of quantitative research projects and, every year, survey tens of thousands of customers on behalf of our clients. For example, one large scale quantitative survey we operate is customer satisfaction surveys on behalf of the Leisure Pass Group – the company behind The London Pass, The Berlin Pass, The Paris Pass, and The Berlin Pass.

When conducting quantitative research, we use structured questionnaires and large sample sizes to provide detailed numerical outputs. We usually conduct our questionnaires online, using our own online survey engine Visitrac. We also frequently use face-to-face questionnaires and, if required, have the facilities necessary to conduct computer assisted telephone-interviews (CATI).

Most of our tourism research and customer feedback related projects use quantitative research methods. However, we always encourage our clients to combine quantitative and qualitative research methods, as quantitative questionnaires deliver objective and quantifiable data, whilst qualitative studies provide an opportunity to discuss and clarify themes that arise from quantitative outputs. Applying a qualitative method in some cases can be the best way to customers’ perspectives.

We are experienced at recruiting for questionnaires using Facebook advertising and have, similarly, used Google Consumer Surveys to gather feedback from a nationally representative sample of the population over a very short period.

Please get in touch to discuss your questionnaire, survey and research requirements.