Qualitative Research | Focus groups, interviews, and more

The Tourism Consumer Insights team (formerly, LJ Research) has provided excellent and robust qualitative market research for clients in various industries.

We can host focus groups in our high standard facilities in Edinburgh but also often moderate focus groups or depth interviews in hotel conference rooms or other venues.

In comparison to quantitative research, qualitative research is much more personal, field-based, and iterative or circular. While quantitative studies search for ‘facts’ in a series of ‘what?’ questions (e.g. what number or percentage of people prefer brand A over brand B, or what number of people in a given population have been on a trip away from home in the past 6 months) qualitative research is more concerned with ‘why?’ questions that reference its emergence in motivational research and the suggestion that we can get to ‘deeper’ levels through interrogative strategies.

Sometimes there is also no substitute to interacting face-to-face with your customers or target market to evaluate their perceptions of your brand or their reaction to something you’re about to launch.

At STR, we have very experienced and skilled qualitative researchers who are used to moderating interviews, focus groups and applying ethnographic approaches. We regularly use these skills in market appraisal studies and other market research projects. For example, we have recently conducted focus groups to market test demand for the Forth Bridges in Scotland as a visitor attraction.

Please get in touch to discuss your focus group, ask about our focus group recruiting services or any other qualitative research requirement. 

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