Customer Research

This is the most crucial business intelligence of all, yet many businesses never seek it out. They’re either too busy to ask or don’t know how to. As a result they have no precise idea of what really matters to the customers who keep them in business.

LJ Research conducts customer research to help businesses in various industries to get closer to their customers. Visitrac in particular allows you to cost-effectively gather customer feedback in questionnaires that both look and feel like your brand.

Even though our clients’ requirements are specific, we recommend including some standard questions in our customer satisfaction surveys. For example, the “How likely is it that you would recommend Company X to a friend or colleague?” question is used very commonly to identify a company’s Net Promoter Score.

When conducting customer research on behalf of our clients we intend to satisfy 3 core principles: the customer satisfaction survey must ask relevant questions, the statistics should indicate some specific action, and those making the business decisions must trust the data.

We advise our clients to measure customer satisfaction along the following 3 metrics:

  • Perception metrics (that tell how customer think and feel): “Overall, how satisfied are you with X?”
  • Descriptive metrics (that tell what respondents think what happened): “How long have you waited before the reservation was confirmed?” or “How easily did you find information on the website?”
  • Outcome metrics (that tell what customers will do as a result): “How likely are you to recommend X”; “How likely are you to visit X again?” – see Net Promoter Score question.

Please get in touch to discuss your customer research requirements.