Case Study 1: Edinburgh International Book Festival Customer Survey

The Edinburgh International Book Festival regularly sells thousands of tickets to events with over 900 internationally-renowned writers and thinkers from 47 countries around the world. As one of Edinburgh’s major festivals, the Book Festival makes important economic, social, and cultural contributions to Edinburgh and Scotland.

To ensure the Book Festival continues to do so, the Book Festival commissioned LJ Research, now the Tourism Consumer Insights team of STR, to conduct their annual customer survey – an important vehicle that helps to understand attendees’ preferences and needs. The survey was sent to thousands of Festival attendees. Using our Broadcasting system that comes with our online survey solutions, we achieved excellent response rates and high-quality feedback.

The customer survey we built on behalf of the Edinburgh International Book Festival used a mix of quantitative and open questions. It was comprised of different types of questions that measure different aspects of customer satisfaction:

  • Perception metrics that tell how Book Festival attenders think and feel
  • Descriptive metrics that tell what they think what happened:
  • Outcome metrics that tell what they will do as a result

We believe it is critical that results from a customer survey can be acted upon. The survey we conducted on behalf of the Edinburgh International Book Festival ensured that the marketing and festival development team could further enhance the event in the future.