Market Research Services

LJ Research is comprised of an international team of skilled and experienced researchers. As a full-service market research agency, we are used to applying quantitative methods in online, face-to-face, or self-completion questionnaires. Similarly, we often conduct qualitative research such as focus groups and depth interviews. As skilled data analysts we are also used to analysing secondary data (e.g. from the Office of National Statistics, OECD, or Eurostats).

Quantitative Research: learn how we can help with online, face-to-face, or self-completion questionnaires as well as telephone interviews.

Qualitative Research: looking for experienced qualitative researchers who can conduct focus groups or depth interviews?

Secondary Research: require skilled analysts to research and evaluate existing market trend data (e.g. from the Office of National Statistics, Visit Britain, or your website statistics)?

Customer Research: we use a variety of research methodologies to help you understand your customers. Learn more about our customer surveys or visitor surveys.


Recent clients include: