We offer a comprehensive range of hotel benchmarking products from those enabling you to monitor historical performance to those facilitating benchmarking opportunities against future bookings.

With Forecaster business-on-the-books (future performance) hotel benchmarking, you’ll benefit from monthly insights straight to your inbox. Forecaster enables an assessment of your hotel performance compared to a competitive set and the market as a whole.

We’re confident that you’ll greatly value our future performance market reports too – they’re clear, concise and give you all the information you need to plan and monitor your next strategy or campaign as a Destination marketer.

Our current clients also use our hotel benchmarking tools to reduce reliance on Online Travel Agents (OTAs) or other Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs).

How does Forecaster work? It’s a very straightforward process! At the start of each month, participants provide their forecast performance information, which is uploaded into the secure Forecaster system. A comprehensive range of detailed monthly hotel benchmarking reports showing future performance against the market and a competitive set are then provided.

How do I join? Simply drop us line and we can discuss setting you up in Forecaster.

If you intend to set up a system to allow accommodation providers in your area to benchmark their performance, please get in touch. We have frequently set up Accommodation Occupancy Surveys (that provide hotel benchmarking information to participating businesses; not only hotels but also B&Bs, serviced apartments, self-caterers, etc.) using Forecaster or our online surveys.