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Founded in 1985, STR’s presence has expanded to 16 countries, with a corporate North American headquarters in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and an international headquarters in London, England.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Tourism Consumer Insights team serves clients in Scotland, the UK, Europe and beyond.

We are skilled and experienced project managers, questionnaire scripters, data analysts and report writers. Our market research provides actionable insights informed from diligent and creative analysis techniques and tools to inform your decision and strategy making.

The Tourism Consumer Insights team (formerly LJ Research) has been providing actionable market research insights since 1998. During this time, we’ve worked on many complex and innovative projects and have generated key insights and intelligence for the tourism & travel and hospitality industries. In addition, our research solutions have helped marketers and senior staff in other sectors make better operational and financial decisions.

This is what makes us a full service market research team that covers the whole spectrum of quant & qual, statistical analysis, segmentation, sample design, and – crucially – focuses on delivering actionable insights.


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Consumer Travel Insights (CTI) report series by STR

Consumer Travel Insights by STR Now in its second year, STR‘s Consumer Travel Insights (CTI) report series was launched to provide in-depth research into the complete traveller journey, from planning a holiday start to finish, to how the traveller’s money was spent in a destination. This year we have expanded the series to five reports so that we can provide greater insights on each stage of the traveller journey. Our findings have been gathered from a survey of our panel of approximately 28,000 engaged global travellers. These insights provide actionable intelligence to inform and drive tourism planning and decision making.   What you will find inside the reports: The FREE Overview of the Traveller Journey report provides an overview of

Tourism Tax: A blessing or a curse

Edinburgh’s Tourism Tax Decision   Tourism taxes are not new, but are seeing growing use across the world with 16 destinations in Europe now utilising them in some form. They are seen as a tool to assist areas coping with mass tourism by helping to control visitor numbers as well as offering a new and vital source of revenue to be reinvested into the local area. Edinburgh is the most visited UK city outside of London welcoming some 2 million overnight visitors in 2017 – a figure that has soared 30% from 2015.  In its research into the effect of implementing a Transient Visitor Levy (TVL) the city council argued that alongside its beneficial effects, tourism “produces external effects, such

Airports dominate the air travel shopping spend, but there are opportunities for airlines to exploit

The global airline industry has seen a nine year run of profits according to the IATA. Unfortunately rising costs have meant that 2018 will see diminished profit growth compared to 2017. With this in mind the need for airlines to maximise revenue in the face of rising fuel prices and other cost drivers, is very important. Many airlines have turned to baggage and boarding upgrades but there is a source of in-flight revenue that some have turned away from, shopping.   STR’s tourism research team, Tourism Consumer Insights, set out to gauge shopping behaviour both in-flight and at the airport among STR’s Traveller Panel – a proprietary research community of engaged global travellers. On the surface, the shopping engagement and


The Tourism Consumer Insights team is a Company Partner of the Market Research Society.
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