Market Research Company United Kingdom

LJ Research is a full-service market research agency based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. We undertake quantitative and qualitative market research. We’re experts in analysing customer feedback and delivering actionable insights.

The team at LJ Research began doing market research in 1998. Since then we’ve worked on some really innovative projects along the way, providing insights and intelligence for a range of clients in leisure and consumer industries. Homepage.

We are a full service market research company United Kingdom

Market Research Company United Kingdom

Looking for a market research company United Kingdom?

What we do

We are an Edinburgh-based market research agency serving clients in Scotland, the UK, Europe and beyond. We specialise in tourism, leisure and consumer industries using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Our recent clients include Huggies (Kimberly-Clark), Network Rail and Best Cities Global Alliance. See more of our recent clients here.

We are skilled and experienced project managers, questionnaire scripters, data analysts and report writers. Our market research provides actionable insights informed from diligent and creative analysis techniques and tools to inform your decision and strategy making.

This is what makes us a full service market research agency that covers the whole spectrum of quant & qual, statistical analysis, segmentation, sample design. Crucially our research focuses on delivering actionable insights.

LJ Research is a a full service market research company United Kingdom

Are you:

  • Working for a marketing / communications agency and need a quote for your market research requirements? Get in touch with us here.
  • Tired of using DIY-survey platforms and keen to use something that keeps respondents engaged? Something that is also fully brand-compatible? Check out our online-survey engine Visitrac
  • A marketer working for a Destination Management Organisation / Tourist Board? Find out more about how we’ve helped destinations build their brands and develop its markets.


LJ Research is a Company Partner of the Market Research Society and abides by their Code of Conduct.
market research company united kingdom