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Visitrac is LJ Research’s wholly owned online survey system. It is a great way to gather high-quality feedback from your customers as well as access their feedback quickly and on the go. We frequently use Visitrac when conducting visitor surveys or destination awareness studies.

Visitrac surveys feature responsive front ends to ensure that visitors can take the questionnaire on multiple devices – this is important to travellers! We always intend to build surveys that reflect your destination’s brand and corporate design by using your tone of voice, imagery, colour-schemes, etc. In our experience, destination brand compatibility is very important to engage your customers in order to get high quality feedback.

Importantly, Visitrac online surveys allow you to access customer feedback quickly and “on the go”. As a Visitrac user, you are provided with online Visitrac user log-ins to access live and accruing survey results. This will allow you access to visitor feedback in chosen time periods (e.g. for marketing time periods), as required.

You will benefit from real time reporting to view accumulated totals to all closed questions as well as all free-text comments made by respondents to open-ended questions in the online survey. This allows you to “drill deeper” at your convenience before we start undertaking any detailed analysis of the survey results.



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