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Destination Awareness Research is key to building a strong destination as well as a strong destination brand. Awareness equates to traffic and prospective visitors arriving at your destination. Without awareness, little happens.

LJ Research measures destination awareness using both our Travellers’ Panel and Visitrac.

Destination Awareness Studies intend to identify the proportion of travellers in your target markets who are aware of your destination (and, potentially, your competitor destinations). Our Destination Awareness Studies help you build brand awareness for the travellers you target, diagnose problem attributes and associations, increase perceived quality, and increase loyalty.

Destination Awareness Studies could be set up as tracker-studies (e.g. conducted twice a year) which allow for an evaluation of specific marketing efforts: if destination awareness rises over the months and/or likelihood to visit increases among target market(s) then this indicates marketing effectiveness in promotional and other campaign related activities.

LJ Research Tourism Research

Our services include:
• Destination Awareness Measurement in target markets
• Destination (brand) attributes and association measures
• Competitor analysis to assess where your destination stands in comparison to rivals



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