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Destination Marketing Organisations and Tourist Boards invest heavily in online, TV, newspaper and other types of marketing campaigns. Determining whether a marketing campaign is successful or otherwise is informed by conducting creative concept market research. Creative Concept Testing research evaluates if newly developed creative marketing concepts communicate and articulate a destination’s brand message most effectively in priority markets.

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Specific research questions we tackle as part of Creative Concept Testing are:

  • To understand the emotional factors involved when choosing a holiday destination (e.g. what are travellers’ needs, motivations and inspirations);
  • To update the destination’s understanding of consumer perceptions and attitudes towards the destination’s brand in the key markets
  • To identify the triggers which move people from general interest in a destination to real consideration and decision to visit;
  • To investigate the practical factors which influence holiday decisions; the information they need and where they find it;
  • To examine the understanding of key messages and propositions.

The Creative Concept Tests we operate frequently make use of our Travellers’ Panel, online visitor surveys and focus groups in priority markets.



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