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Hotel or Accommodation Demand Surveys act as excellent health checks on the destination. If a destination’s daily rates and occupancy levels go up over time, chances are that the visitor market is doing very well. Conversely, a destination will be on a downward trend if occupancy and/or rates decrease over a prolonged period.

In addition to measuring occupancy and rates, our Accommodation Demand Survey tool LJ Forecaster also allows destinations to assess how sales are building up in advance of major tourism seasons. We do so using hotels’ accurate sales-on-the-books information.

This is critical information for any Tourism Board or Destination Marketing Organisation. It is, in addition, also of interest to hotels themselves as well as tour operators, coach companies, attractions and retailers who can use the data to consider how they might plan to take advantage of busy times.

LJ Forecaster helps to provide businesses with a better understanding of month-on-month region performance and the environment in which they operate by collecting hotels’ sales-on-the-books figures.

LJ Research operates to exacting professional standards; all LJ Forecaster reports are non-attributable and anonymous. Aside from data based on the performance of their own property no hotel sees a competitor’s data.

Our services include:

  • Setting up Accommodation Demand Surveys in your destination
  • Monitor occupancy / daily rates / sales-on-the-books to health-check the visitor market
  • Monthly performance reports to uncover how the destination and different segments within the market perform



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