ITB Berlin Tourism Research

ITB Tourism Research

“Our struggle is to always do more market research, to understand what people are looking for in our city, and how we can enhance it while staying authentic.” (Burkhard Kieker, CEO Visit Berlin)

LJ Research Tourism Research

Getting to the bottom of what makes (or breaks!) a destination is at the heart of what LJ Research does. Our best-in-class suite of research solutions provides unique insights for destination marketers to understand and shape perceptions of destinations and destination brands.

LJ Research Tourism Research

The Tourism Research we do:

  • Visitor Surveys and Visitor Segmentation; click here for more info
  • Destination Awareness Research; click here for more info
  • Campaign Creative Concept Testing; more info here.
  • Accommodation Demand Surveys; click here for more info
  • Bespoke market research on tourism themes (e.g. cycling tourism, short break tourism, beach tourism, etc.)

The Tourism Research Resources we utilise:

  • Our Travellers’ Panel comprised of millions of frequent travellers; click here for more info
  • Our survey engine Visitrac; click here for more info
  • Our hotel performance monitoring system LJ Forecaster; click here for more info
  • Our experienced team of international researchers; click here to view our team.

Destination Marketing Organisations and Tourist Boards benefit from:

  • Our web-based Destination Dashboard enables intuitive and up to date understanding of key tourism trends in the area. Click here for more information.
  • Infographic reports aimed at local businesses as well as inward investors. Click here for more.

LJ Research Tourism Research

Our clients include:

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