Dumfries and Galloway January 2016 Accommodation Performance

January 2016

Some 165 Dumfries & Galloway-based hoteliers, operators of B&Bs, self-catering cottages / apartments, guest houses, holiday parks, caravan and camping sites, amongst other accommodation providers shared performance figures with the Tourism Consumer Insights team. The findings contribute towards the identification of business growth opportunities and input towards the Tourism Strategy for Dumfries and Galloway.

The 4 charts below show accommodation performance for different geographical areas of Dumfries & Galloway and for accommodation sub-sectors in the region – we also present year-on-year comparison figures.  Participating accommodation providers are given this and additional information to allow them to evaluate their performance against that of others.

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Average occupancy across all areas and sectors was 34.8% (up from January 2015 when it was 29.7%).

The average daily rate (i.e. average daily room rates for hotels, B&Bs, guest houses, etc; average self-catering unit rate for self-catering accommodation providers and average daily pitch rate for caravan / camping sites) was £41.32 (down from this time last year when it was £47.20).


Industry Insight

Accommodation providers we surveyed shared the following comments about factors that affected January’s business. As is evident, the bad weather significantly impacted on trading conditions.

“Again business very poor. Bad weather meant booking cancellations.”

“We were closed from 5th January – 5th February. Waste of time being open.”

“January performance in accommodation was poor in comparison to previous year with both midweek business users and weekend leisure users down. Various reasons, continued storms and bad weather affecting leisure guests and shop closures on the high street such as Edinburgh Woolen Mill shop closure.”

“Possibly bad weather has been a contributory factor to lower occupancy or ‘it’s just that time of year’.”

“The awful weather of January stopped the likelihood of short notice bookings and the threat of flooding postponed some bookings already made.”

“The daily rate is showing as less this month as I had one client who stayed over a few weeks, over December and into January, thus I offered a specially reduced rate. The daily rate at this time of year is advertised at £50.”

“The weather is still effecting bookings.”


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