Why choose LJ Forecaster

  • LJ Research has developed the UK’s leading web-based tools for monitoring destination performance and has been doing so since 1998.
  • LJ Forecaster is the only tool to help you look forward. We report on how sales are building for the coming year, as well as demonstrate pick up levels month on month
  • LJ Forecaster is the only system to provide both hotels and destinations with access to reliable, consistent and accurate monthly reports that allow you to “look ahead and plan ahead” in order to make informed decisions on how best to meet budget.
  • LJ Forecaster is easy to use and manage and has constantly been updated in consultation with our clients, to meet their needs
  • Reports are accessed on line, giving you what you want when you want it; you can generate your own monthly reports and choose which month’s data to see, all delivered in a management friendly format
  • View, at-a-glance, our city or events calendar to see the impact of future, current and past events on sales at a hotel and destination level
  • Use the events calendar to log hotel business on a daily basis – only hotel concerned can see this information
  • Choose a minimum of six hotels that you would like to specifically compare yourself against and receive a ranking report to help you benchmark your performance (occupancy RevPAR and ARR) against this group
  • If you participate in LJ Forecaster you qualify for a discount on our guest feedback and benchmarking system, Visitrac.

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