Tourism Market Research

How mobile-savvy are visitors in Britain? Part 1: Smartphone vs Tablet Computer

“Should we invest in social media, apps and optimise our website? Or is all this not relevant for our audience anyway?” There is much debate among many of our clients in tourism marketing about what the mobile revolution means for Learn more

The visitor journey starts online

Digital resources, like websites and apps, are increasingly influencing where travellers go and what they do. LJ Research, an Edinburgh-based tourism market research specialist, highlights the importance of tourism businesses to invest in online channels. Their ongoing City Visitor Surveys Learn more

London visitors air a need to improve perception of welcome at airports

New York City’s Tourism Chief Fred Dixon recently praised London by saying that its airports do a better job of welcoming visitors than the Big Apple. But London’s visitors are unenthused by the welcome at the city’s airports, LJ Research Learn more

Tourists in an independent Scotland: They will visit either way

Most travellers will come to Scotland regardless of the referendum outcome; English tourists, however, are more likely to stay away from an independent Scotland. In 2013, almost 15 million overnight tourism trips were taken in Scotland. In 2014 – the Learn more